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School education program overview

Never before has gambling been so heavily promoted and accessible especially through sport.

This makes it feel like a normal part of the game and harder for your students to recognise the potential harm. We want them to love the game not the odds.

The school program helps support students to develop healthy and informed attitudes. We have face-to-face sessions, units of curriculum and it's all about giving students a heads up.

Our face to face sessions are freely available for teachers, parents and students. In our senior student workshop, we explore what's making betting feel more normal, the limited chances of winning, the risks involved, how to know if it's becoming a concern and where to find help.

These topics are also investigated throughout our curriculum based units available online for years 10 to 12 including VCAL whilst online take a look at our school gambling policy template and loads of information for teachers and parents including videos, quizzes and newsletter articles.

We're here to help you support resilience to harm in the future.

The session we just had was very useful. We get to learn stuff that we didn't know about gambling because if you get too attached to it you're going to lose money it has a very limited chance of you winning a bet.

Help your students love the game and not the odds.

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