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Reconciliation Action Plan launch

[Upbeat music under colourful rosella logo]

[‘Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan launched 28 November 2019’]

[Aunty Georgina Nicholson at the lectern in front of a large rosella logo]

Wominjeka Wurundjeri balluk yearmann koondee biik.

So, I’d just like to tell you what I’ve said in our Woiwurrung language and that is, ‘Welcome to the land of the Wurundjeri people’.

So, I would like to acknowledge and pay my respect to our ancestors who walked this land as free spirits. To our Elders past, present and future.

[Upbeat acoustic music under footage of two people smiling, standing on either side of a dot painting featuring bright concentric circles]

[Filmed from behind, the two musicians from Mission Songs Project, one on guitar singing and the other in front of a microphone, face the audience seated in a formal setting]


Won’t you tell me where is dear old Granny Tighe.

[The musicians front on]

When I hear her name it makes me want to cry.

[The Hon. Marlene Kairouz, Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation at the lectern]

Absolutely delighted to launch the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation Reconciliation Action Plan.

From the time it was established in 2011, the Foundation has worked tirelessly with Aboriginal communities across Victoria to reduce and prevent gambling harm.

[Close-up of the former Minister]

And today’s launch is another important step as it formalises and describes how reconciliation and the principles of self-determination will be embedded in the development of appropriate and culturally safe measures to prevent and address gambling harm.

[Foundation Deputy Chair Belinda Duarte, Wotjobaluk and Dja Dja Wurrung, at the lectern]

I’m excited to be here.

I’ve been a part of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation for some time and it’s a family. It’s a committed family that deeply supports self-determination and, through the work of …

[View of seated audience]

… making sure that a whole range of communities …

[Belinda Duarte]

… are supported in ensuring that we reduce gambling harm.

[Wide shot of Belinda Duarte showing the rosella logo and a native floral arrangement]

As an organisation that’s not very old, for us to get to where we are to be able to talk about self-determination, to be able to launch a RAP [Reconciliation Action Plan] that really does instil a deep commitment …

[Three attendees talking]

… and a public awareness of how we intend to build just …

[Another three attendees talking animatedly]

and respectful relationships with …

[Two attendees looking serious]

… the First Peoples of this country.

[The former Minister seated at the front of the audience, then the camera pans across half of the room]

What I know is real change happens with people on the ground.

[Two groups of audience members talk informally to each other]

People with deep drive and ambition, commitment …

[Two attendees shaking hands]

… leadership …

[Foundation CEO then steps in to also shake hands]

… and work that’s not often seen and recognised.

[Belinda Duarte at the lectern]

And organisations that have a profile …

[Staff members in attendance smile for the camera]

… like the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

[More attendees talk informally to each other]

… and others …

[Belinda Duarte at the lectern]

… we know that you know what works best in your communities and we thank you for letting us help in important work that we both believe in.

[Shane Lucas, CEO of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, at the lectern]

The difference between yesterday and tomorrow is that the principles articulated in this plan will be deeply embedded into all Foundation practices.

We’ve made a promise to include Aboriginal leadership in every single activity that affects Victoria’s Aboriginal communities, and that is a binding promise.

[Upbeat background music under final title sequence showing:

‘Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’ plus logo and rosella logo

website address ‘’

‘Produced by Wayne Quilliam, Music by Mission Songs Project’]

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