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Melbourne Football Club signs responsible gambling charter

[Melbourne Football Club chief executive Peter Jackson and Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation chief executive Serge Sardo sign the responsible gambling charter]

Serge Sardo [against backdrop of the ground's stands]: So today, the Melbourne Football Club has signed the responsible gambling charter, which makes it nine Victorian clubs that have signed the charter out of ten. And that sends a big message. It's sending a big message that, at the club level, these iconic community organisations have recognised the need to disassociate themselves from any form of gambling promotion, particularly promotion where underage kids are exposed. So, we are delighted that Melbourne has been able to join us.

Peter Jackson: [against backdrop of the ground's stands]: Football clubs are a huge part of the Victorian landscape, the social and sporting landscape. And people do notice the stands football clubs take and I can speak in recent weeks since we've advised our fans of this at various season launches, events and things like that, that there's been applause coming off the floor about announcing this and, yeah, that's come from parents as well who just, I think, recognise the saturation advertising and welcome the club's position on this.

Serge: The responsible gambling charter is now signed by about a hundred and sixty clubs right across Victoria at the grassroots level, and it's at the grassroots level where kids typically enter sport and right from the start we want to send that message, that sports and gambling should never go together, particularly where kids are exposed. And so, getting these grassroots clubs to sign up actually prevents them from going down the path where gambling is so integral to their business model and their overall activity. So, it really is about A: Changing cultures. But also preventing cultures where gambling is pervasive.

[Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation logo displays]

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