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Love the game, sporting club program

Darcy Moore: Sports betting advertising is everywhere these days. You can't turn on the TV without seeing these ads.

Gareth Hanlon: Gambling in sport is a big issue and in our community I want others to know our club’s a safe and healthy club, free from gambling problems.

Marco Rojas: Being part of the charter meant we took part in an information session and learned about what's making betting feel more normal, the risks involved, practical tips to avoid harm and where we can go if someone needs support.

James Miller: Kingston Hawthorn Cricket Club was involved in a love the game themed round to help raise awareness within the club community about sports betting being an issue and to protect young people from the risks of gambling.

Neville Jetta: Being a part of the same community project from an elite playing level to the local grassroots clubs is taking a really strong stance on the issue. It's got to a point where it's too much and it’s time to take a stance as a club to counter the wave of advertising.

Paul Dimattina: What I love most about this wonderful game is the challenges that it brings. To all clubs considering signing up on this charter I strongly suggest that you do so. It's a wonderful way that we set a great responsibility for all our young people in particular who’re involved in sporting clubs.

Gareth: Love the game.

Marco: Love the game.

Neville: Love the game.

James: Love the game.

Darcy: Love the game not the odds.

Paul: For more information go to

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