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Love the game round 2019

Steven May: This week is the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation's Love the Game Round.

Neville Jetta: And we're all taking part.

Brodie Grundy: 74% of Victorian adults believe that young people are exposed to too much gambling advertisement.

Ben McEvoy: So we need your help to look out for the next generation.

Geva Mentor: We've signed up to the Love the Game program to reduce the amount of sports betting advertising our young fans see.

Tim Membrey: When kids see a lot of sports betting promotions, it can seem like gambling is normal and the sport is all about the odds.

Andrew McGarth: When something feels normal to young people, it doesn't seem risky.

Todd Goldstein: The Love the Game Sporting Club Program encourages parents and other role models to talk to young people about the risks and consequences of gambling.

Easton Wood: So we've created a video to help you have the talk with the young people in your life this weekend.

Nick Vlastuin: Go to to watch the video.

Harry McKay: Get excited about another big round of sport. Cheer on your team, and remember:

Tet Faulkner: Love the game, not the odds - it's all about them.

Harry Taylor: Love the game, not the odds!

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