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Love the Game: have the talk

[Upbeat music. Andrew Nabbout from Melbourne Victory talks straight to camera]

74 per cent of Victorian adults think that young people are exposed to too much gambling advertising.

[Kristen Beams, Victorian cricketer, talks straight to camera]

Kids today experience sport very differently than you and I did growing up.

[Harry Taylor from Geelong Football Club talks straight to camera]

As a father of three kids, I’m really proud that GMHBA Stadium is now a gambling-ad-free environment for a lot of reasons, but the main one is that my kids I know can now go to the football and not be exposed to so many of the ads that we’ve seen in the past.

[Geva Mentor from Collingwood Magpies Netball talks straight to camera]

Since I’ve been over in Australia, I’ve really seen a difference that so many kids know about betting whether it’s football, whether it’s netball, what other sport it is that they’re there to appreciate and enjoy the sport. It’s not about the result and the bet that comes with it.

[Tet Faulkner from Melbourne Rebels speaks while looking off camera, surrounded by four children]

Ah, we all know betting advertising’s pretty normal.

[Crosses to scene of children playing rugby with Tet speaking in voiceover]

Kids are definitely exposed to betting advertising, betting agencies.

[Tet poses for a smiling photograph with nine children before cutting back to him talking while looking off camera]

So we just want to make sure that they aren’t exposed to that sort of thing.

[Ruby Schleicher from AFLW Collingwood Football Club talks straight to camera]

Gambling advertising is changing how they see sport.

[Neville Jetta from Melbourne Football Club talks straight to camera, standing alongside Steven May]

If you hear young people talking about the odds…

[Andrew Nabbout who speaks straight to camera]

…here are four ways to interrupt the conversation.

[Lisa Hasker from Vicsport talks straight to camera]

Talk to them about what makes a team great…

[Four children cheering while Lisa continues in voiceover]

…and point out all the great things about sport.

[A fencing match followed by Scott Arnold, Olympic gold medal coach, talking straight to camera]

Tell them that betting is risky. That the ads are misleading because they only show people winning.

[Beside him is Wil Orrman, Victorian under 17 cadet, who talks straight to camera]

Most people actually lose more often than they win.

[Maddie Garrick from WNBL Melbourne Boomers talks straight to camera]

Make sure kids know that not everyone is betting.

[Cut to a women’s basketball match while Maddie continues in voiceover]

Even though the ads make it look like a cool, fun thing to do…

[Crowds cheer at the match and Maddie signs a basketball]

…sport is exciting enough without it.

[Cut to a boys’ soccer match with the ball kicked into the goal and the goal being celebrate. Voiceover]

Ask them what they love most about the game and remind them what’s most important.

[Brodie Grundy from Collingwood Football Club talks straight to camera]

As parents, coaches and role models, you can help change the conversation.

[Young boys on a soccer field. Voiceover]

So help us look out for the next generation…

[Children in soccer uniform hold a sign saying, ‘Champions’]

…by having the talk…

[Peter Filopoulos, the CEO from Football Victoria, talks straight to camera]

…with young people in your life.

[Easton Wood from Western Bulldogs Football Club talks straight to camera]

Love the game, not the odds.

[Cut to panning aerial view of the Melbourne sporting precinct with the ‘Love the Game’ and Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation logos. Upbeat music]

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