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Hear our partners talk about their love of the game, not the odds

Christian Salem: Sports betting advertising is everywhere these days. It's got to saturation point, it's time to take a stance as a club to counter this wave of advertising.

Adam Turner: Being involved in senior football for 17 years now, I think that it's changed a lot around sports betting and advertising. We definitely need to have more of a commitment at local level to providing education on gambling responsibly.

Tom Rogers: I'm glad our club signed the responsible gambling charter. We want our players at South Yarra to focus on the game rather than who wins this week or who kicks the first goal. It really takes away from the true essence of the game.

Tom Langdon: Being part of the Charter when we took part in the information session and learn about what's making betting feel more normal, the risk involved, practical tips to avoid harm and where we can go if someone needs support.

Leigh Broxham: If one of our local clubs are thinking about getting involved in the program, I think you should definitely do it. It's important that our local club environments are a safe place for everyone to enjoy sport.

Adam: Love the game.

Tom: Love the game.

Christian: Love the game.

Tom: Love the game not the odds. For more information go to

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