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Is it too late to change?

So, a lot of people wonder is it too late sometimes to recover like do people become too old or too far down the track to ever come back from an addiction?

The answer is of course not. You can do this at any time you want.

The interesting thing and the most important thing about the brain is simply that it continuously changes till the moment you pass away at 90,100 whatever it's going to be, your brain is constantly changing, adapting to the demands you are placing upon it, so it doesn't matter if you've been practicing gambling for 40 years 4 years, 4 minutes, 400 years, once you start to change your thoughts you start to change your behaviors, your brain will start to change the point where you lose that addiction and I think this is one of the most important things to recognize about addiction is even though it is reflected in the brain, it is not stuck in the brain.

The brain changes which can help drive an addiction but the brain also changes which helps pull away an addiction and that's the only way we know how to break this stuff. Understand how gambling affects you.

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