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How to stop gambling: The 6 stages of change

Narrator: You are here and you are also here. Imagine that's new you and old you.

See, new you is just like well, you but to start on the journey to a healthy lifestyle by simply contemplating change, yup, just thinking about it.

In fact, it simply starts with you, right now in this moment, considering change. There, it's done. This is called pre-contemplation. And it's part of the six stages that happen as we work towards changing gambling behaviour.

Pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, termination and goal.

Really, if you think about it, you watching this video really means that you've moved past the pre-contemplative stage and you're somewhere in the contemplative stage. The contemplation stage means that you're planning to change in the next six months or so.

From contemplation comes preparation and this could be as simple as you planning a different route home from work or it can be as detailed as a full moment-to-moment itinerary. Then, it's about putting your planning to action and working on changing your behaviour.

We've used a hamster wheel as a metaphor for hard work. But in reality, this could be anything from counselling to mindfulness, to running around the block.

Remember, change doesn't happen all at once. It takes time and effort and most importantly the determination to change. But even small steps can lead to big change.

Maintenance is about sustaining your changed behaviour and resisting relapse. So it might be about jumping back on your hamster wheel when you need to as time on the wheel is time away from gambling.

Before long, you'll arrive at your destination and end goal. Zero temptation to return to old behaviours. Say goodbye to old you and hello new you for good!

Remember, behavior change starts with one person. You! And the simple thought that you can change because you can!

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