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Harm from gambling starts earlier than you think

[Opens on a woman sitting at a poker machine in a busy pub.]

Pokies patron: I play the pokies a fair bit, but it’s not like it’s a habit.

Super: Yet

[Cut to a guy in the TAB in front of a bank of TVs showing different sports.]

TAB guy: I don’t always stick to my limits, but it’s not an issue.

Super: Yet

[Cut to a guy in an office cubicle. He is holding his phone and there’s a gambling app on the screen.]

Worker: I just do it to break up the day. Doesn’t affect my work.

Super: Yet

[Cut to a woman unpacking the groceries at home.]

Woman: Money’s a bit tight some weeks, but it’s not like I’ve lost control.

Super: Yet

[Cut to a wide shot of the woman’s home as she continues to unpack the groceries. The footage blurs, and a super appears over the top.]

Voice over: Harm from gambling starts earlier than you think.

Voice over: Learn the signs. Visit


Voice over: Authorised by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Melbourne.

Spoken by M. Hedt, E. Bix, G. Yuen, V. Porcaro and T. Sullivan.

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