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Chandana's story

Chandana: I'm originally from India, I've been here for about ten years. I was not aware or have never been affected by anything regarding gambling until I came to Australia. It was a shock to me when my partner was affected.

It took me some time before I actually came to know about it. Unfortunately, I didn't know about any services or how to seek help, what to do. I couldn't understand why or how it happened. Others couldn't understand either and there was a lot of blame and shame going on. So there was even more reason to, kind of, keep it within the four walls.

I was isolated because I couldn't speak about it to anybody. It affected not only me, but extended families, and I'd say the most affected probably will be my child who has to live with a broken family.

I had to take some drastic steps. After my separation, I got to know more about it because I was curious and I just wanted to find some answers. Thankfully, subsequently, I have learnt a lot.  Even though it was a bad experience, it was an experience which I'm trying to utilise so it can benefit others and subsequently I started volunteering and then working in the field.

You don't need to keep it to yourself, seek help, the earlier you seek help, the less drastic measures you will need to take later on.

Resolve the issue instead of just thinking that'll it'll just disappear one day, it's not going to disappear.

But it's just a matter of approaching and, you know, seeing what is the right fit for you.

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