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Can You Beat The Odds – The Near Miss Effect

Narrator: How is it that a near-miss can sometimes feel just as good as a win? Well studies have shown that when we experience a near-miss our brain actually tricks us into thinking we've won something. We think, yeah, I'm in control, and if I practice enough, maybe I can make it.

While that might be true with sport, or study, or music, with gambling it isn't. Because no matter how hard you try you'll never beat the odds. And no matter how many times you practice you'll never beat the system.

But science tells us, with every near-miss your brain makes you think you can win. It releases a happy chemical similar to when you do win. Which puts you in a good mood even though you're actually losing.

Gambling companies know this, so they design near-misses into their games, imagine that. Remember this next time you get that near-miss felling, and say to yourself: it's actually just your brain playing tricks on you.

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