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  • Working party to review problem gambling responses in Victoria’s criminal justice system

    Media releases — 30 January 2013
    A new working party has been established to review problem gambling in the Victorian criminal justice system in response to recommendations made in a report released today by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.
  • Expenditure on gambling in Victoria and Australia

    Every year statistics are released for losses and turnover on a range of gambling products in Victoria and all other states and territories, as well as for Australia as a whole.
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  • Training resources

    The Foundation's Professional Development Centre is committed to sharing knowledge and providing training to health professionals working with clients affected by gambling. As part of our program, we regularly ask gambling experts to deliver webinar presentations.
    Training resources
  • How gambling in Victoria is changing over time

    Our major population studies of gambling and health in Victoria show how many people are at risk of, or experiencing, problem gambling, and how gambling in Victoria is changing over time.
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  • Mount Alexander Shire Council v Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation

    News — 14 February 2013
    The Maryborough Highland Society lodged a license application for 65 pokies with the former Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation (VCGR) in October 2011.
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  • Darebin City Council v Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation

    News — 8 August 2013
    Grandview Hotel Victoria Pty Ltd was granted a license for 50 electronic gaming machines (EGMs) by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.
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  • Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI)

    The Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) is the standardised measure of at risk behaviour in problem gambling. Assessing where your client is now can help you make informed decisions on how to assist them.
    Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI)
  • Inspiring stories drive successful problem gambling campaign

    Media releases — 1 July 2013
    After one hundred challenging days, the four brave faces of the 'Fight for the real you' campaign have emerged stronger and more in control of their gambling.
  • Pilot study to inform future problem gambling treatment research

    Media releases — 2 August 2013
    Investigators from Flinders University have completed the first randomised control trial to compare the effectiveness of exposure therapy and cognitive therapy in treating people with gambling problems.
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  • Boost for problem gambling treatment and research

    Media releases — 18 June 2013
    The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation will enhance its clinical training and research activities over the next year to support the delivery of high quality services for people affected by gambling.
    A male writing ideas on a glass board at an office and explaining it to a group of four
  • Auditor-General's Office tables report on regulating gambling and liquor in Victoria

    News — 8 February 2017
    The Victorian Auditor-General's Office has tabled a report on the regulation of gambling and liquor in Victoria.
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  • Problem gambling exposed in world-first campaign

    News — 26 March 2013
    The Foundation has launched a world-first problem gambling campaign 'Fight for the real you' with support from Premier Denis Napthine and Minister for Gaming Regulation Andrew McIntosh.
  • Health and community professionals

    Research shows people seeking help for gambling harm are often experiencing other problems, such as anxiety or substance use issues. We work with across the health and human services sectors to continuously improve service integration and referral processes so we can provide Victorians seeking help with as seamless an experience as possible.
    Health and community professionals
  • Addressing problem gambling harm: Working with families and friends

    Media releases — 17 April 2015
    The impact of problem gambling on the families and friends of gamblers is the focus of a new push from the body responsible for providing the state's gambling help services.
  • $250,000 in grants to prevent gambling harm in regional and rural Victoria

    News — 22 March 2018
    Grants totalling $250,000 are available for gambling harm prevention projects in regional and rural Victoria. The Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, Marlene Kairouz, announced the funding today in Bendigo.
  • Regulation, statistics and publications

    The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation provides information to community groups, local government and the public about gambling and its regulation in Victoria.
    Regulation, statistics and publications
  • Counsellors back new problem gambling training and research program

    Media releases — 28 June 2013
    Counsellors tackling problem gambling have welcomed plans to establish a new clinical training and research program ultimately leading to better treatment for people with gambling problems.
    A male writing ideas on a glass board at an office and explaining it to a group of four
  • Identifying a problem

    There are several key considerations for health and welfare professionals when identifying and assessing clients who may be experiencing experiencing harm from their gambling. By understanding and recognising the symptoms, impacts and dynamics of problem gambling you will be better equipped to offer support.
    Support for clients experiencing harm
  • New report shows gambling problems and mental illness frequently occur together

    News — 26 July 2017
    The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation today released a research report that shows problem gambling prevalence in gamblers who attended mental health services was eight times higher than in the Victorian general population, with one in two gamblers experiencing some level of gambling harm.
    Problem gambling in people seeking treatment for mental illness
  • Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Victoria, Australia

    The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation is here to support people affected by gambling harm, including family and friends. We take a public health approach to our work, which means we focus on prevention, early intervention and support for those who are particularly vulnerable to gambling harm as well as those living in regional and rural communities. We fund and work closely with organisations across Victoria to provide free and confidential Gambler’s Help services to people experiencing harm from their own or someone else’s gambling.
    Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation logo
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