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Behavioural indicators of responsible gambling consumption

Hing, N, Russell, A & Hronis, A

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
October 2016


Led by Professor Nerilee Hing from Central Queensland University, this study identifies 61 responsible consumption of gambling behaviours, placed within seven categories, and provides a clear definition of responsible gambling.

The categories for responsible consumption of gambling are:

  • ensuring gambling expenditure is affordable (only gambling with disposable income)
  • keeping gambling in balance (prioritising responsibilities to friends and family)
  • limiting persistence at gambling (setting and adhering to time and money limits when gambling)
  • understanding gambling (informed choice and decision-making)
  • positive motivations for gambling (gambling for entertainment)
  • a planned approach to gambling (gambling for entertainment rather than to make money)
  • use help and support if needed (scheduling gambling sessions and not gambling outside of these sessions).

Drawing upon the results of the study, the researchers developed the following definition of the responsible consumption of gambling:

Exercising control and informed choice to ensure that gambling is kept within affordable limits of money and time, is enjoyable, in balance with other activities and responsibilities, and avoids gambling-related harm.


Hing, N, Russell, A & Hronis, A 2016, Behavioural indicators of responsible gambling consumption, Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Melbourne.

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