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Gambling in Victoria

Community attitudes survey 2023: Methodology

Our 2023 community attitudes survey was conducted online with 1,500 Victorians aged 18 years and older. It ran from 16 to 28 August 2023.


There are several limitations to research using online panels for participant recruitment. The most significant limitation is that participants are not selected through probability-based sampling methods, which give demographic groups equal probability of being selected. However, by using quotas and weighting the data to ABS figures for age, gender and location, it is assumed the results would be similar to those of an equivalent sample of the general population.

Another limitation, as shown in other research, is that people tend to underestimate how much they spend on gambling. In particular, people who report higher losses, or use high frequency gambling products, are less likely to provide accurate estimates of their gambling expenditure. However, people tend to provide more accurate responses when asked about short-term losses (last three months) compared to long-term losses (last 12 months). For more on this, see Self-reported losses versus actual losses in online gambling: an empirical study. The data on gambling losses presented in the survey are likely to be an underestimate, particularly for those experiencing harm from their gambling.

Based on the survey, find out what Victorians think about gambling.

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