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Gambling in Victoria

Community attitudes survey 2018: Gambling and sport

Sports betting is the fastest growing form of gambling in Victoria. Research suggests the proliferation of sports betting advertising and increased accessibility through smartphones are major contributors to this upsurge. Many Victorians have expressed concern about these developments, particularly the potential impact on children and young people.

We asked survey participants about the convergence of gambling and sport.


of Victorians believe young people think betting on sport is normal.


of Victorians think gambling should not be a part of experiencing sport.


of Victorians think adolescents are exposed to too much gambling advertising.

One in eight (12.6 per cent) Victorians believes betting makes sport more enjoyable.

On 30 March 2018, the Australian Government introduced bans on gambling advertising during broadcasts of live sport between 5 am and 8.30 pm. Find out more: New gambling ad rules introduced.

A recent study funded by the Foundation explored the gambling behaviours and motivations of young men who watch or play sports, including their attitudes towards gambling promotion. Read the 2018 research report Weighing up the odds: young men, sports and betting.

Researchers Samantha Thomas, Hannah Pitt and Amy Bestman explain why doing nothing about sports betting marketing is taking a gamble with our kids.

Read more about gambling advertising.

Find out how the community attitudes survey was conducted.

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