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Gambling in Victoria

What Victorians think about gambling

In 2019, we surveyed 1231 Victorians about their views on gambling. This included their thoughts on gambling harm and stigma, setting limits when gambling, and gambling and sport.

The online survey ran from 8 May to 3 June 2019. Participants were randomly invited from an Online Research Unit database of around 55,000 Victorians.

We set quotas for age, gender and location and weighted the results to Australian Bureau of Statistics figures to reflect the Victorian population. Find out more about how the survey was conducted.

This survey gives us a snapshot of community attitudes and perceptions about gambling. The insights are informing our work to address gambling harm, complementing major population studies we conduct every few years to gauge how gambling in Victoria is changing over time.

1 in 2

Victorians think everyone who gambles is at risk of harm.

1 in 3

Victorians think gambling less than once a month is responsible gambling.

3 in 4

Victorians think adolescents are exposed to too much gambling advertising.

The results of the survey do not necessarily represent the attitudes or opinions of the Foundation.

Find out more about what Victorians had to say about gambling:

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