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Round 9 – Grants for Gambling Research Program

The following projects examine gambling amongst vulnerable populations.

Bingo! Social experiences, harms and responses to bingo playing in disadvantaged Victorian populations

Dr Sarah MacLean
La Trobe University

This project will use a case study approach focusing on three groups where bingo playing is popular and social and economic disadvantage common. This approach will enable us to explore bingo and related benefits and harms across a range of settings and contexts (urban/regional, older/younger, Indigenous/non-Indigenous, immigrant/non-immigrant) enabling identification of how effective prevention and treatment might be tailored to populations. The research method is participatory, involving in-depth interviews with players and key stakeholders, participant observation and community feedback.

The impacts of increased gambling opportunities on gambling behaviour and related harms among older Victorians

Associated Professor David Johnston
Monash University

This project aims to quantify the casual effect of increasing the residential proximity and density of gaming venues on the gambling preferences of older Victorians, and its consequences for their mental health, financial wellbeing and quality of life. The project will integrate detailed longitudinal survey data on a representative sample of Victorians with the geographical location of all Victorian EGM venues, the number of EGMs, retail and hospitality venues, bankruptcy, and ambulance attendances and hospital admissions, across time.

Pathways to the pokies: the role of individual, socio-cultural, environmental and industry factors in shaping the gambling attitudes and behaviours of older adults

Associate Professor Samantha Thomas
Deakin University

This interdisciplinary study aims to understand the socio-cultural, environmental and industry factors that shape pathways to EGM venues for older adults, and that influence their engagement in both non-gambling and gambling activities within these venues. Data will be collected via documenting the promotions and activities offered by venues within the local areas, and conducting focus groups with older adults.

Gambling and homelessness among older people in Victoria

Dr Brian Vandenberg
Monash University
Early career researcher, mentored by Associate Professor Kerry O’Brien, Associate Professor Adrian Carter and Dr Charles Livingstone

This research explores the link between gambling and homelessness among older Victorians. This exploratory research utilises qualitative research techniques to gain a deeper insights into the potential incidence, causes and consequences of the co-occurrence of gambling and homelessness among older people.

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