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Round 6 – Grants for Gambling Research Program

The following projects investigate responsible gambling and gambling consumption.

Behavioural indicators of responsible gambling consumption

Professor Nerilee Hing
Southern Cross University

This study develops a preliminary set of behavioural indicators of responsible gambling consumption. These indicators were identified through a comprehensive literature review and content analysis of responsible gambling websites and refined through Delphi consultation processes with world-leading gambling research experts.

A public health analysis of gambling marketing activities: Themes, targets, and impacts

Associate Professor Samantha Thomas
University of Wollongong

This project draws on global public health best practice in tobacco, alcohol and obesity to investigate the marketing tactics of the gambling industry. The project will collect data from industry websites, annual reports, media coverage, publications and environmental scans to support strategies to respond to this marketing. The project will also investigate the impact of marketing on the recall of 5–14 year olds and their parents in NSW and Victoria.

The development of empirically derived Australian responsible gambling limits

Associate Professor Nicki Dowling
Deakin University

This research is a joint initiative of leading Australian researchers from Deakin University, the Australian National University, and Turning Point. This project aims to derive a set of responsible gambling limits for the Australian population using several cross-sectional general population studies. The project also explores the impact of exceeding these limits on future harm using a longitudinal population survey and canvass Australian expert and public opinion on the promotion of responsible gambling guidelines.

Longitudinal protective factors for problem gambling and related harms: Building resilience among young adult gamblers

Dr Kirsty Scholes-Balog
Early career researcher, mentored by Associate Professor Nicki Dowling

Australian Catholic University

This project identifies factors related to individual, community, family and peer groups which protect against the development and progression of problem gambling and related harm among young adult gamblers. This research uses data collected in 2010 and 2012 for the International Youth Development Study, a large longitudinal study.

How does the framing of gambling warning messages impact on advertising perceptions?

Dr Raechel Johns
Early career researcher, mentored by Professor Byron Keating
University of Canberra

This project undertakes a pilot study to examine the characteristics of responsible gambling warning messages. It explores how the framing and presentation of these messages influences perceptions of advertising and examine the impact of this advertising on persons with different demographic and gambling profiles.

For published reports from completed projects, visit our library of published research.

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