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Round 5 – Grants for Gambling Research Program

The following projects investigate stigma and changing gambling environments. 

The stigma of problem gambling: causes characteristics and consequences

Professor Nerilee Hing
Southern Cross University
$180,000 over 24 months

This research team takes a mixed methods approach to explore how stigma associated with problem gambling is created, how it is perceived and experienced by different groups and the relationship between stigma and treatment seeking.

Rethinking approaches to reducing problem gambling stigma: a review of the lessons learned from anti-stigma social marketing initiatives

Associate Professor Samantha Thomas
University of Wollongong
$50,000 over 24 months

This study investigates how social marketing initiatives may be effectively utilised to reduce the stigma associated with problem gambling.

Gambling online and offline: EGM environments that contribute to excess consumption and harm

Associate Professor Matthew Rockloff
Central Queensland University
$120,000 over 30 months

The researchers examine whether environmental contexts in which gambling products are consumed (such as online, mobile and venue-based) is related to people's choices to utilise gambling products and sometimes play to excess.

Gambling issues: market research on mathematics and other teaching related to gambling attitudes and behaviours

Dr Ian Lowe
The Mathematics Association of Victoria
$48,598 over 24 months

This project investigates the role of mathematics and relevant teaching in English and humanities in developing the attitudes and behaviour of responsible gambling among school aged young people.

Developing and validating a scale to measure the enacted and felt stigma of gambling

Early career researcher Dr Phillip Donaldson, mentored by Associate Professor Matthew Rockloff
Central Queensland University
$50,000 over 18 months

The research team investigates the stigma associated with gambling, and developing a validated tool for measuring stigma in the population.

Consumer socialisation and consumption communities in gambling

Early career researcher Dr Ross Gordon, mentored by Associate Professor Samantha Thomas
University of Wollongong
$42,000 funding over 12 months

This study investigates whether gambling brands use brand community as a marketing strategy, and examines how gambling marketing engages and influences young adults gambling and particularly sports betting behaviour.

For published reports from completed projects, visit our library of published research.

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