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School Education Program gambling information session

  • Senior student workshop (one hour)

    Host this session for Year 10 to 12 classes, including VCAL.

    Through a range of interactive tasks, this workshop enables students to:

    • explore the potential influences that may shape their gambling attitudes and behaviour, especially sports betting advertising and games that look like gambling
    • discover why gambling is a means of spending money rather than making money
    • recognise when gambling may be becoming a concern for themselves or someone they know and be aware of the help services available.

    To ensure students gain maximum benefit, this workshop is designed for 25 students or fewer.

  • Professional development session for teachers (30–40 minutes)

    Host this session to inform school staff about key issues related to gambling and young people and how they can help students become critical thinkers in an environment where gambling is being increasingly normalised.

  • Information session for parents (30–40 minutes)

    Host this session to inform parents about the key issues related to gambling and young people, and how they can help their child develop informed attitudes to gambling.

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