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Prevention Partnerships Program 2019–2021

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation is funding 14 partnership projects from 2019 to 2021, receiving a combined total of $1.97 million, to help to prevent and reduce gambling harm in communities across Victoria.

2019–2021 projects

Ballarat Community Health

The ‘All-in’ project aims to reduce gambling-related harm in the City of Ballarat through a grassroots approach. The community-wide project will recruit at least 10 partner organisations to co-design local initiatives and develop marketing, engagement and communications plans for a gambling harm awareness campaign. Find out more at Ballarat Community Health.

Bendigo Community Health Services

The ‘Preventing Gambling Harm Within Refugee Communities’ project will conduct a series of consultations in the City of Greater Bendigo to gain a greater understanding of gambling harm within refugee communities. This information will be used to build the capacity of local Gambler’s Help providers to deliver culturally appropriate services to these communities. Find out more at Bendigo Community Health Services.

Brimbank City Council

The ‘Changing Our Story’ project will work with local community organisations and service providers to better understand gambling harm and to co-design with target communities a program of activities that foster connectedness and a sense of belonging. It will also support the development of vocational skills and financial literacy in communities experiencing economic disadvantage. Find out more at Brimbank City Council.

Cambodian Association of Victoria

The aim of this project – ‘Engaging Cambodian Buddhist Temples in Gambling Prevention Partnerships’ – is to build the capacity of Cambodian community leaders (including monks) in Melbourne’s south-east to raise awareness of gambling harm within the Cambodian community and to engage community members with the issue. Find out more at Cambodian Association of Victoria.

Kids Thrive

The ‘Nip It’ project aims to support pre-adolescents – who are regularly exposed to online gambling games, betting ads and games with built-in gambling mechanics – to understand the addictive nature of gaming and its links to gambling, and to develop self-control strategies to ensure protection from future gambling harm. Find out more at Kid’s Thrive.

Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation

The ‘Connecting Cultures’ projects aims to address gambling harm through responding to significant community challenges linked to a diminishing sense of belonging to traditional culture. The project will use innovative partnerships to strengthen mutually beneficial relationships, help restore cultural and social capital and identify community resources. Find out more at Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation.

Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC)

This project, titled ‘AIRwaves – Assistance, Information, Resources’, aims to raise awareness and promote discussion in eight regional communities about the potential impact of gambling on families and how to prevent gambling harm. The project will reach communities through radio, podcasts and community events. Find out more at SHARC.

Somali Australian Council of Victoria

The goal of this project – ‘Gambling Harm Prevention Through Education and Engagement’ – is to engage leaders in the Somali community in prevention strategies that empower community members to take ownership of the ‘conversation’ about gambling harm. The project aims to break down cultural barriers to reducing harm. Find out more at Somali Australian Council of Victoria.

South East Community Links

This project – ‘Reducing Gambling-related Harm in CALD Communities’ – aims to design and implement a community-led prevention strategy with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities and associations to reduce the level of gambling-related harm in the City of Greater Dandenong. Find out more at South East Community Links.

South Gippsland Shire Council

The ‘SHIFT: The work life balance’ project aims to prevent gambling harm among shift workers, including farmers and dairy industry workers, by designing, promoting and piloting gambling-free activities in small rural towns across South Gippsland. Find out more at South Gippsland Shire Council.

Upper Murray Regional Neighbourhood House Network

The goal of this project – ‘Behind the Scenes at the Neighbourhood House’ – is for staff throughout the network to better understand the risks and potential harms of gambling, and to develop local strategies to prevent gambling harm in their communities, including through reducing social isolation and loneliness. Find out more at Upper Murray Regional Neighbourhood House Network.

Whittlesea City Council

This project – ‘Whittlesea Youth Gambling Harm Awareness Initiative’ – will use a co-design approach to develop and implement strategies, including a public awareness campaign, to prevent gambling-related harm among young people in the City of Whittlesea, particularly those from CALD backgrounds. Find out more at City of Whittlesea.

Whittlesea Community Connections

The ‘Soccer program’ project aims to reduce gambling harm through alternative recreation activities for young people with migrant and refugee backgrounds. It will coordinate a weekly soccer program for all genders, which will also provide opportunities to raise awareness of the risks associated with gambling, and avenues to seek help. Find out more at Whittlesea Community Connections.

Wyndham City Council

This project – 'Stepping out! Building stronger social connections for older people, free from gambling harm' – aims to increase understanding among professionals and volunteers providing social activities for older people in Wyndham of the causes, risks and signs of gambling harm. The project seeks to address the challenge of gaming venues being the ‘default’ location for many social inclusion activities aimed at older people. Find out more at Wyndham City Council.

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