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As parents, we know there are lots of 'talks' we need to have with our kids. But we might not have realised that gambling is one of them. This is why...

1. Teens think betting and sport go together

Sports betting advertising makes it seem as though you need to bet on sport to make it interesting. Seventy-five per cent of teenagers consider gambling to be a normal part of sport.

2. Teens think everyone is doing it

Teens feel enormous pressure to fit in with their peers. Like drinking, smoking and sex, the normalisation of sports and gambling means teens assume everyone is doing it more than is really the case.

3. Teens don’t appreciate the risks

The ads your teenager watches make it seem as though betting on sports carries no risk. Terms like ‘cash back’ and 'the fold' make it seem like they can’t lose. Gone are the days when you had to bet with cash at the TAB – smartphones and debit cards now make it easy for anyone to bet.

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