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What is 'Love the Game'?

Kids today are more exposed to gambling advertising than ever before, particularly sports betting ads. Heavy promotion coupled with increased accessibility through smartphones, apps and online games make it difficult for young people to recognise the potential harm.

Our Love the Game program disrupts the notion that gambling is a normal part of sport and/or the spectator experience. The program supports sporting clubs and school communities to help students better understand the risks associated with gambling.

Love the Game is a multifaceted program focused on prevention and designed to reach kids through our Sporting Club Program and School Education Program.

Whether kids are in the classroom or on the sporting pitch, our aim is to embed the notion that despite the perceived glamour of sports betting advertising, gambling is risky and should be approached with caution. We want kids to understand that gambling is not a normal part of sport, and that sport, in its pure form, has the capacity to bring people together, strengthen community ties and promote health and wellbeing.

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