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Love the game, not the odds

Love the game, not the odds

Our Love the Game program is all about reducing the exposure of young people to sports betting promotion and disrupting the social norm of betting and sport.

Sports betting advertising is everywhere these days. Young people, especially, would find it hard to remember a time watching sport without thinking about the odds. Ads today seem to suggest that you need to have a bet on the game to enjoy it.

When young people see excessive sports betting promotion it can seem like gambling is normal, and that sport is all about the odds, not the game. When something feels normal, it doesn’t seem risky.

We encourage parents and role models (coaches, teachers, relatives) to talk to young people about the risks and consequences of gambling, so they love the game, not the odds.

Did you know?

75 per cent

kids aged 8–16 years think betting on sport is normal*

3 in 4

8–16 year olds can name one or more sports betting companies*

74 per cent

Victorians think adolescents are exposed to too much gambling advertising**

*Based on a recent qualitative study of kids who watched sport aged 8-16 years
**Based on a 2018 community attitudes survey

Have 'the talk' this weekend

Sporting Club Program

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Our Sporting Club Program aims to reduce young people's exposure to sport betting advertising and to counter the social norm of gambling in sport. Learn more and sign your club up to get involved.

Sporting clubs

School Education Program

School pairs with computer

Our School Education Program is an initiative that helps students to navigate the new gambling landscape and avoid harm from gambling.


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