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Venue Support Program

As outlined in the Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct, gaming venues in Victoria are required to take all reasonable steps to prevent and minimise harm from the use of gaming machines. This is achieved through monitoring the welfare of gaming machine users, discouraging intensive and prolonged gaming machine play and intervening when a person is displaying behaviour that is consistent with gambling harm.

To support and assist venues in fulfilling these requirements, the Foundation funds the Gambler's Help Venue Support Program, which includes Venue Support Workers throughout Victoria.

This support helps gaming venues to:

  • identify and respond to patrons displaying behaviours consistent with gambling harm
  • raise awareness among venue staff about, and encourage referrals to Gambler's Help services, self-exclusion programs and other community support services
  • meet the requirements of their Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct
  • create and maintain responsible gambling environments
  • ensure their completion of the required Responsible Service of Gaming (RSG) training.

For more information, contact Elissa Wray, Senior Policy Officer, via email:

Venue Support Workers

Stuart Barton helps venues with pokies provide safer gambling environments for their customers. The team at Epping RSL make his job easy.

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