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Gaming venues

Victorian gaming venues must meet a number of legislative and responsible gambling requirements. These pages contain important information for Victorian gaming venues and point you in the right direction for further information.

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Responsible Service of Gaming – training

On 1 January 2017, Responsible Service of Gaming (RSG) training was introduced for Victorian gaming venue staff.

The training equips gaming venue staff with the knowledge and skills they need to understand their obligations to minimise harm.

Two training modules must be completed by staff within six months of commencing work in a gaming venue.

Module 1 is an online course hosted by the Victorian Government, and Module 2 is primarily delivered face-to-face in gaming venues by Venue Support Workers.

Module 1 must be completed within one month of commencing work in a gaming venue.

Module 2 must be completed within six months of commencing work in a gaming venue.

RSG refresher training must be undertaken by all gaming venue staff within 3 years of completing RSG Module 2.

Module 3 is an online course hosted by the Victorian Government, and Module 4 is primarily delivered face to face in gaming venues by Venue Support Workers.

Module 4 must be completed within three months of venue staff member completing their RSG Module 3 refresher training.

You can access both module 1 and module 3 training from the Responsible Service of Gaming Training website.

The Foundation's Venue Support Program will deliver the face-to-face training modules within gaming venues with provision made for video-conferencing.

For further information about face-to-face training or to confirm the details of the Venue Support Worker allocated to your gaming venue, please contact the Foundation via email Elissa Wray.

The Foundation will also run virtual RSG training sessions. See session dates and times.

Further information is available from the Department of Justice and Community Safety.

Ordering brochures through the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

The Foundation provides several free brochures to gaming venues to promote Gambler's Help services and raise awareness of the risks associated with gambling. Though not compulsory, we encourage venues to display the brochures at point of sale and other visible locations within or near gaming areas.

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Convenience advertising

The Foundation provides new signs for gaming venue bathrooms across the state through convenience advertising to coincide with new awareness campaigns. This usually includes A4 posters on the back of toilet doors and near hand washing facilities along with takeaway cards.

For enquiries and further information, please contact:

Convenience Advertising
Venue Relations Manager
Phone: (03) 9486 0233
Fax: (03) 9486 0525

Venue better practice guidance

The Venue better practice guidance has been updated to support venues to implement better practice in their venues to reduce gambling harm. This guidance is being used in gambling venues throughout Victoria to support them to go above and beyond their Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct requirements, and to minimise gambling harm for their patrons.

To find out more about the Venue better practice guidance, please contact your Venue Support Worker. If you are unsure who your Venue Support Worker is, please contact Elissa Wray, Senior Policy Officer on

Self-exclusion programs

A self-exclusion program is a service offered by the gaming industry to people who wish to exclude themselves from gaming rooms in clubs and hotels around Victoria.

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Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission

The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) is the independent statutory authority that administers Victoria's gambling and liquor laws.

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Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

The Foundation helps venues with the Venue Support Program and providing a range of recommended brochures (see above under 'Order brochures from the Foundation'). We produce a range of printed materials (brochures, cards and more) about responsible and problem gambling which are not compulsory but can be ordered to display at your venue.

For further information about Gambler's Help promotional material, please contact:

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
Phone: (03) 9452 2600

Legislative requirements

Gaming venues are covered by a large number of legislative and regulatory requirements.

Further information on legislative and regulatory arrangements in Victoria, including a listing of key legislation relating to how gambling is conducted in the state, is available within our resources pages.

The Victorian Commission of Gambling and Liquor Regulation is responsible for administering legislation and regulations in Victoria.

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