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Community events FAQ

1) What will the Foundation offer in terms of support for Gambling Harm Awareness Week 2022 community events?

Downloadable digital content (social media posts, images) and hard-copy brochures will be available to event organisers.

2) What kind of events can we host?

There is no limitation on the kind of event you can host, but ideally it will align with the theme of Gambling Harm Awareness Week, which this year is focused on raising awareness that gambling may be causing harm to your wellbeing

Where possible, we encourage events that include opportunities for people with lived experience of gambling harm to share their stories, which can help to destigmatise the issue and empower others to seek help.

Previously, successful events have included:

  • intimate tea/coffee chats with someone with lived experience of gambling harm
  • larger gatherings with speeches and light entertainment
  • art or music therapy sessions that incorporate conversations about gambling harm
  • BYO-bill days to drop in to speak to financial counsellors
  • education sessions with employees/community on the risks associated with gambling.

3) What resources will you be offering?

The final suite of resources will be available on the website . Typically, resources include social media copy and accompanying images, campaign images, email signature block, website banners and a brochure about gambling harm.

4) When will these resources be available to us?

The resources will be made available online at least two weeks ahead of Gambling Harm Awareness Week.

5) Will materials be available in languages other than English?

Materials will be translated into Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Greek, Italian and Punjabi. If you require information in a different language, please contact

6) I would still like to host an event and need support. What can I do?

The Foundation and our Gambler’s Help partners will host a range of events during the week. You may wish to approach a Gambler’s Help agency in your area to find out if there are any opportunities to collaborate with them.

If there isn’t a Gambler’s Help agency in your area, please send an email to the Foundation’s Gambling Harm Awareness Week project manager at to share your idea and explore options.

7) Can you provide us with any experts to talk at our event?

The Foundation does not usually provide speakers for events during Gambling Harm Awareness Week, but there are occasions where a Foundation staff member may be available. Please contact us at with your request (event time/date/location and topic), and it will be considered.

We recommend you contact ReSPIN, whose speakers share their stories of lived experience.

8) What contingency plans should we have in place in case COVID-19 restrictions are imposed during Gambling Harm Awareness Week?

The Foundation recommends having a contingency plan in place to ensure that you can easily switch to an online version of your planned event. Please check with your chosen suppliers (venue/catering) about their cancellation policies while planning your event.

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