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Community Engagement Program


The Community Engagement Program is delivered by Gambler’s Help services (shown below). Working directly with communities, the program addresses locally identified gambling harm prevention priorities. Services deliver community engagement activities that best serve their communities. Activities aim to:

  • address the main drivers of gambling harm in key settings, locations and with at-risk populations
  • raise awareness of the harms and risks of gambling. Activities are designed to build community knowledge about gambling harm, and may include local events, speaking engagements, local media promotion, or supporting the Foundation’s state-wide campaigns at a local level
  • promote Gambler’s Help services. Activities advocate help-seeking behaviour by addressing associated stigma and increasing community awareness of Gambler’s Help services
  • build strategic local partnerships. Services collaborate with local community and health sector organisations to increase understanding about gambling-related harm and Gambler’s Help services.

Community engagement activities draw on health promotion principles to reach communities, drive impact and achieve outcomes through integrated partnerships and collaborations with other community and health organisations.

CEP partners

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