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Resources and promotional toolkit

How to get involved

Gambling Harm Awareness Week is a time to engage with the community about why gambling harm matters. The Foundation supports organisations by providing a range of resources to use with their community.

Promotional toolkit

The promotional toolkit contains all you need to know about how to support Gambling Harm Awareness Week 2023. It is designed for any individuals or organisations who would like to support the week and promote the campaign through their own networks.

Download Promotional toolkit

Logos and banners

Download the following assets to promote the week and your event on your website, social media platforms or emails. Please note there are more assets to come in the following days.



Email signatures

Posters (digital files)

Social media

A range of social media assets are available to download to help you promote Gambling Harm Awareness Week on your channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter/X.

Make sure to use the hashtags #GHAW2023 #TalkShareSupport

Videos and podcasts

A range of videos and podcasts are available on YouTube here.
Download the Promotional toolkit for key messages and tips on how to share them on your channels.

Promoting your event on Facebook

Facebook is used daily by about half of Australians. You can either post on your own Facebook page or ask other organisations to post your content.

We recommend that you create a Facebook event page to promote your event. Here are some tips for creating an event page.

Through your organisation’s Facebook page:

  1. Click on “events” on the left-hand side of your page. (If “events” is not in your list of tabs you can add it by going to your organisation’s page settings, clicking “edit settings”, then scrolling to the bottom of the page to click “Add a tab” and then add “events”).
  2. Click “create event” and then fill out the details.
  3. Make sure to use an engaging photo for your main event cover image and add other photos to the page to pique interest. The cover image should be friendly, eye-catching, warm and inviting. We have prepared one for you in social media assets.
  4. Your photo will appear differently across desktop and mobile formats, so it should be 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 ratio) or larger with little or no text.
  5. It’s vital to ensure that no more than 20 per cent of your cover image is taken up by text. Any more than this, and your event is unlikely to be seen on people’s newsfeeds.
  6. Get people engaged. Run a Facebook poll! Make an effort to get a conversation going on the event page. The more people who comment on your event page, the greater the likely success of your event. Audiences often judge the importance of a Facebook event by their activity, so it’s important to get people involved as much as possible.
  7. After the event you can update your content and images to share your success.

Quick facts about gambling harm in Victoria

  • The social cost of gambling harm to the Victorian community is estimated to be $7 billion.
  • More than half-a-million Victorians experience some form of harm every year from their gambling activities.
  • 85 per cent of gambling harm in Victoria is experienced by people who are at low or moderate risk of gambling in a problematic way.
  • For each individual who experiences severe gambling harm, up to six other people may be affected – especially family and friends.
  • Common signs of gambling harm include stress, irritability, difficulty sleeping or concentrating, drinking or smoking more than usual, not spending as much time with family or friends, frequently borrowing money, intermittent periods of having lots of cash and no cash, an intense interest in sporting odds, and using multiple betting apps.
  • Many people experience emotional effects from gambling, like stress, regret and guilt, no matter how much or how often they gamble. These effects can start off small and build up, causing stress in their lives.

Contact details

We are here to provide assistance and support to partners. If you have any queries about this material, please contact us.

General enquiries

Taylah Melki
Gambling Harm Awareness Week Project Manager and Communication Adviser
T: 03 9452 2619

Media support

Fiona Skivington
Media Manager
T: 03 9452 2650
M: 0428 248 931

Thank you for your support of Gambling Harm Awareness Week

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