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Effects of gambling

The Foundation’s 2018 community attitudes survey found that 48 per cent of Victorians are not aware that gambling can have emotional side effects.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how often you gamble or how much you spend, gambling can affect how you feel. Examples can include feeling stressed, guilty, annoyed, or just a bit down for no apparent reason.

The Effects of gambling campaign encourages people to pause and reflect on whether there may be a connection between their gambling and how they feel.

Information on the effects of gambling is now available in Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

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We spoke to Victorians and explored different types of consequences that could be related to gambling beyond emotional side effects. These include:

Harm list for mod risk

In our 2018 community attitudes survey, we asked people about the negative effects from their own gambling. The five most common consequences were:

  • reduced spending money
  • reduced savings
  • feelings of regret or shame about their gambling
  • spending less time with people they care about
  • feeling like a failure.

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Please refer to the options below to consider how you can to help raise awareness about the emotional side effects of gambling through your own networks. We will add to these resources over time, so please check back for updates.

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