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Multicultural Program

The Multicultural Program (MCP) provides culturally appropriate services including confidential in-language counselling services, resources and wellbeing programs, sensitive to the range of intersecting issues impacting on many migrant and refugee communities in Victoria. The program provides  support to local communities covering individuals, family members and communities experiencing or at risk of gambling harm.

If required, ONCALL Language service (ONCALL) will deliver interpreting services including telephone, onsite and video interpreting for clients of Gambler’s Help upon request. Gambler’s Help services can arrange an interpreter for free by emailing On Call Language Services.

The Foundation funds the following network of partners to deliver the MCP, they are:

For Arabic speaking communities:

For Chinese speaking communities

*Services are provided in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

For the Vietnamese community:

Statewide Multicultural Service

Settlement Services International provides therapeutic services and community education and engagement activities in various languages across Victoria. This service intends to complement other Gambler’s Help services and assist clients to receive culturally appropriate support via:

  • Streamlined triage and warm referral to a service that meets their needs (e.g., Multicultural Gambler’s Help service, local Gambler’s Help service or Peer Connection program)
  • In-house counselling
  • Provision of co-consultation or secondary consultation (contributing to counselling sessions delivered by other counsellors with expertise relating to gambling harm and issues facing migrant and refugee communities)



Refer to Help in languages other than English on the Gambler's Help website.

Video resources about gambling harm

Three videos exploring gambling harm are available in Arabic, Bengali, Dari, Pashto, Punjabi and Tamil. Co-created by Arabic Welfare and the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, the short animated videos help to raise awareness of gambling harm and the support options available via Gambler’s Help. With English subtitles, they are ideal for multicultural community organisations to share on their digital channels to help reduce the stigma of gambling harm and encourage help-seeking.

The three videos are:

  • The beginning of gambling harm

Highlights the signs that gambling is becoming a problem, explains that people are more likely to lose money from gambling, and encourages help-seeking.

  • When gambling harm goes untreated

Explores the way gambling harm can affect the individual and their family, addresses the stigma of gambling harm, and encourages help-seeking.

  • Gaming and gambling

Focuses on the negative consequences of excessive gaming among young people, how parents and carers can talk to young people about gaming, and what support services are available.

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