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Upcoming events

Cryptocurrency and Gambling

, 12.30-1.30pm Community Engagement/Education

In this presentation, Professor Paul Delfabbro from the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide will discuss the growth of cryptocurrency markets and the risks that these highly speculative investments can pose for the community. Although Bitcoin is now considered an established and lucrative long-term investment, most other cryptocurrencies are risky.

Investment in these assets can often be very similar to a form of gambling and can result in significant losses and harm to individuals and their families. Only a minority of investors tend to make significant gains. Paul will discuss the known links to gambling activities, the role of blockchain technology in the increasing monetisation of gaming, the role of social media, and the many scams and pitfalls that are often unknown to new investors in these markets. The implications of these developments for policy, consumer protection and treatment services will be discussed.

Venue: Online – webinar

Single Session Family Consultation

, 9.00am - 4.30pm Primary & Allied Health

Single Session Family Consultation (SSFC) is a brief intervention, developed by The Bouverie Centre, for routinely engaging with families and clients. It aims to help the family identify and address their own needs, and to clarify how the family and supports will be involved in the individual's care. The topics covered in the session will include techniques and skills required for single session family consultation along with preventing and managing conflict skills.

This session is open to all therapeutic and financial counsellors that would like to advance skills working with individuals and affected others. This is a great opportunity to understand more about the service offered by Gambling Minds, and will support the co-facilitation of sessions.

Facilitators: Alice Morgan, FaPMI Coordinator & Allira McCall, Family Services Practice Lead at Alfred Mental and Addiction Health

Location: Level 4, 549 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Time: 09:00 – 16:30pm

Date: Monday 19 February (in-person) / Tuesday 21 May (online) / Wednesday 5 June (in-person)

How to register:

Venue: Melbourne CBD, venue TBC

Venue: Online – webinar

Using motivational interviewing techniques with gambling harm clients

, 10am - 4pm

Financial Counsellors working in gambling harm programs often work with clients and affected others, who disengage in the service during support.

Motivational interviewing is a unique process that explores and resolves resistance, and through motivational processes focuses on facilitating change amongst clients. Understanding motivational interviewing as a technique will assist us to learn the clients’ reason for change, the impact of uncertainties and support the client through their journey to reduce gambling harm and its impacts.

The session will work through case studies and provide practical application opportunities for motivational interviewing techniques and provide you with strategies that can assist effective client centred advice.

Venue: Melbourne CBD, venue TBC
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