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Love the Game Sporting Club Program

Love the game, not the odds

In 2014, the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation launched the Love the Game Sporting Club Program in response to community concern about the convergence of sport and gambling.

Program aims and objectives

The program aims to reduce young people’s exposure to sports betting promotion and to disrupt the social norm that betting and sport go together.

Program objectives:

  • Young people have a greater understanding of the risks associated with gambling
  • Parents have conversations with young people about gambling risk
  • Positively shift social norms and attitudes about the place of betting in sport across all audiences
  • Improved club policies and practices that help disrupt the association between betting and sport.

The primary target audience of program is 12- to 17-year-old Victorians who watch or play sport.

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Program membership


Victorian community, and elite, sporting clubs and bodies participate in the program

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