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Gambling harm in mind event series

Gambling harm in mind

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation is pleased to bring you Gambling harm in mind, a series of events that will explore issues and insights informed by a diverse range of expertise, experiences and perspectives.

The first event will consider how to meaningfully connect with people from multicultural backgrounds while acknowledging their cultural, political and social identities, and apply these principles in support services.

The second will look at how the COVID-19 lockdown affected gambling in Victorian communities, with a particular focus on those who gamble.

And the third will discuss the notion of resilience, and examine how individuals, organisations and societies tolerate change.

The series reflects the Foundation’s commitment to share knowledge and experience, and encourage innovative thought across sectors to address gambling harm in our communities.

The first three events, to be held in March 2021, will all be online.

Integrating multicultural approaches to address gambling harm

Date: 22 March 2021

Time: 10–11.45am

Location: This will be hosted over Zoom. The link will be provided upon registration.

Victoria’s 150+ cultures reflect the vibrancy of our state. Culturally appropriate responses to gambling harm are important to ensure that people feel safe and supported.

This event will bring together people working with, and within, multicultural communities to explore:

  • concepts such as intersectionality, a framework for understanding people’s intersecting social, cultural, and political identities and the prejudices or disadvantages they face and cultural safety, the creation of an emotionally, socially and spiritually safe environment for people
  • how these concepts can help service providers navigate and support the diverse needs of Victoria’s multicultural community
  • the challenges and opportunities in service delivery to migrant and refugee communities. This will cover the effects of COVID-19 and associated restrictions on our interactions with others
  • the role of the Foundation’s statewide multicultural service in bringing together existing prevention and support services and filling identified gaps.

While the examples referenced in this event will focus on providing services to migrant and refugee communities, the content will be relevant to anyone seeking to effectively navigate increasingly diverse and complex social and professional environments.

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Understanding the effects of COVID-19 on the gambling environment

Date: 25 March 2021

Time: 10–11.30am

Location: This will be hosted over Zoom. Link will be provided upon registration.

The COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria were long and strict and had a significant effect on the community. Locally, pokies venues and wagering outlets were shut for months, while elite sport was postponed globally, changing the way people gamble.

This event will explore:

  • gambling data trends during COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria during 2020
  • Victorian trends in comparison to other Australian jurisdictions, and overseas
  • stories of how people experiencing gambling harm coped with the lockdowns
  • key research/evaluations
  • how professionals working in gambling support, harm prevention and treatment services can use these findings to make a difference.

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Resilience and coping with change

Date: 29 March 2021

Time: 10–11.30am

Location: This will be hosted over Zoom. Link will be provided upon registration.

The COVID-19 lockdowns focused significant attention on the importance of mental health and wellbeing, as well as emotional resilience. Gambling harm and mental health issues often co-exist. Advancements in fields such as neuroscience, digital innovation and mental wellbeing are continuously being explored to help people manage or overcome the effects of gambling harm and addiction in their lives.

This event will cover:

  • resilience – what it means in individuals, organisations and communities
  • neuroscience of addiction – findings, progress and developments in the neuroscience of addiction and mental health, and how it can be applied to wellbeing and brain change
  • digital innovation in mental health and wellbeing – apps and digital platforms available to support an individual’s psychological wellbeing.

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