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Day 1 presentations

Morning session, Geelong Library

Spotlight on Geelong, Tracie McPherson, Bethany Community Support

Wayapa practice: Introduction and demonstration

Afternoon streams, Deakin University

First nations

Wathaurong video (YouTube) – A documentary on growing Strong Spirit to overcome problem gambling in Wathaurong country.

Gambling in two Victorian regional Australian Aboriginal communities, Sarah MacLean, La Trobe University, Darlene Thomas, Tiffany Griffin, Richard Vaughan, Raelene Stephens, Mallee District Aboriginal Services, Ashlee Robertson, Clare Haussegger, Ann Briggs, Kathleen Maltzahn, Mary Whiteside, Andrew Atkinson, Gippsland and East Gippsland Aboriginal Co-Operative

Mallee District Aboriginal Service research

Gippsland and East Gippsland Aboriginal Cooperative research

Intersect between gambling and other public health issues

Pain behind the poker face, Louise Kelly, Mental Health First Aid

Addressing the link between gambling and violence against women, Sandra Morris, Women’s Health in the North

13 7848 a new set of numbers for Gambler’s Help counsellors to consider: Improving public health through cross referrals, Sarah Doherty, Gambler’s Help Inner North Melbourne, Ian Ferretter, Gambler’s Help West, Lindsay Whelan, Quitline

Sports bar project: The intersection of gambling and drinking culture in Victoria, Amy Pennay, Centre for alcohol policy research (CAPR)

Lived experience of gambling harm

Young men and gambling harm, Rachel Paterson, Lachlan McKenzie, Shayne Rodgers, Banyule Community Health

Culturally and linguistically diverse communities

By new settlers for new settlers, Vicky Fisher, Migrant Resource Centre North West

Engaging and collaborating with CALD communities – Addressing gambling harm in the Vietnamese community, Dr Joyce Jiang, Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health, Bic Gresty, Springvale Indo Chinese Mutual Assistance Association

Gambling Secret No more, Zacharena Vasiliadis, Pronia

Pokie Free Tairawhiti, Lizz Crawford, Tairawhiti Gambling Services – NZ

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