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Asset protection and gambling harm

, 2-4.30pm

Ever wondered when that client is sitting in front of you and you’re aware their asset (car, house or other secured asset) is at serious risk and not sure what the next steps and conversations with your client may be?

Come along to this Financial Victoria session and hear about asset protection strategies and processes. Learn from the experts regarding the various options available to those experiencing gambling harm, as well as their families. Financial Victoria will also cover credit reporting data, and blocks available to people considering how to protect their remaining assets from the perils of gambling harm.

Upon successful completion of this session participants will be able to:

- Understand what asset protection is and why it might be needed

- Learn some of the asset protection strategies available to individuals and families experiencing gambling harm

- Know the various referral pathways or self guided tools available to clients

- Understand the obligations we as financial counsellors have to ensure we have discussed asset protection thoroughly

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Venue: Online – webinar

Gambling Harm: Working with an integrated practice lens

, 10am-12.30pm Primary & Allied Health – Financial Counselling

This Financial Victoria run seminar will discuss case studies of best practice when referring and working in an integrated model to ensure the client receives a wholistic, best practice service. An integrated practice looks at outcomes for people experiencing gambling harm when connected with counsellors, housing, legal and family violence services. Attendees will hear from a financial counsellor, a therapeutic counsellor and a community service about what works best for the client and for us.

The session will also look at why integrated practice is so important in the work we do with those experiencing gambling harm (and their families).

Upon successful completion of this session participants will be able to:

- Understand what integrated practice is and incorporate best outcome strategies into their work

- Look at case work and integrated practice – pros and cons and discuss referrals and secondary consults to enhance opportunities for integrated practice.

- Have the conversations with services and clients to improve practice and outcomes when integrated practice isn’t effective.

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Venue: Online – webinar
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