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Clinical development projects

Gambler’s Help services are involved a range of innovative work designed to reduce harm from gambling across the Victorian population. Sometimes this involves responding to an emerging evidence-base and building relationships with other treatment sectors. Often it means partnering with new stakeholders in new ways. The Foundation is committed to supporting our services in this varied and complex work and is currently engaged in collaborations in two key focus areas:

Criminal Justice and Corrections Project

The Foundation is working with partners towards a more coordinated response to gambling harm across the various components of the justice system. This incorporates efforts in awareness raising, advocacy and treatment across both pre- and post-sentencing.

Find out more about the Criminal Justice and Corrections Project

Lived Experience Project

Stories of recovery shine light onto both struggle and success. They help people experiencing gambling-related harm see that they are not alone, and others to understand that it can happen to anyone. The Foundation is working with our partners to learn from existing programs such as Peer Connect and develop new ways to utilise lived experience.

Find out more about the Lived Experience Project

Clinical development projects
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