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Our partners

Collaborating with others is vital to achieving our objectives. We work with a multitude of organisations and individuals across Victoria to address gambling harm as well as to reduce the risks for people not yet experiencing harm.

These relationships also allow us to exchange ideas and learn from different perspectives and experiences so we can develop more effective ways to reduce harm.

We have formal partnerships with some organisations and more informal collaborative relationships with others. Our formal and informal partners include:

Gambler’s Help community and health organisations

We fund and work closely with 24 organisations across Victoria to provide free and confidential Gambler’s Help services to people experiencing harm from their own or someone else’s gambling. This includes seven In-language Gambler’s Help services, four Aboriginal Gambler’s Help services and Alfred Health, which supports Gambler’s Help professionals and people experiencing both gambling harm and complex mental health issues. Gambler’s Help services also raise awareness about gambling harm through community education programs.

We also work with specialists in other areas of health to exchange knowledge and expertise so that people affected by gambling harm as well as other health issues receive the right referrals and have as seamless an experience as possible.

View the list of Gambler’s Help services.

Local organisations and community groups

We partner with a range of organisations and groups to raise awareness in Victorian communities about the risks of gambling and to encourage people experiencing harm to seek help. We fund and support these partners to run projects in their local areas that test new ideas and build evidence for what works in preventing harm from gambling. This includes engaging with regional communities and culturally and linguistically diverse groups.

Find out more about the organisations delivering prevention projects in 2017–2019.

Sporting clubs, leagues and peak bodies

We work with leagues, peak bodies and local and elite sporting clubs to counter the growing culture of gambling in sport and create safe and healthy club environments. Through our Love the Game Sporting Club Program, partners help us raise awareness of gambling risks and dispel myths among players, fans and the community.

View our Love the Game Sporting Club Program partners.

Schools and youth-based organisations

Our School Education Program works with school communities and youth-based organisations across Victoria to help young people understand the risks of gambling and develop informed attitudes towards gambling as they approach adulthood.

Our education partners include:

Universities and other research institutions

Our research partners are crucial to improving our understanding of gambling harm and our efforts to prevent and respond to it. We fund universities and other institutions to undertake independent studies through our research program. We also regularly exchange ideas and share findings with the academic community, and draw on its expertise in formulating our research directions.

Our main research partners are:

Government stakeholders

As a statutory authority funded by the Victorian Government, we work closely with local, state and federal governments to exchange information and ensure measures to reduce gambling harm are shaped by the latest evidence and data.

Our government stakeholders include:

Gambling industry bodies

We work with gambling industry representatives and organisations to support them to reduce the risk of harm for customers and provide support where appropriate. This includes providing training to staff in gaming venues and ensuring customers have access to information on seeking help if they need it.

The major peak gambling industry bodies we work with are:

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