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Update on changes to EFTPOS in pokies venues

Amendments to the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 passed by the Victorian Parliament late last year include changes to the amount of money accessible by EFTPOS in hotels and clubs operating pokies and the actions staff are required to take when customers wish to withdraw cash.

From 19 September 2018, venue operators:

  • must not provide or allow another person to provide an EFTPOS facility unless the facility limits withdrawals to $500 in cash on any one debit or credit card within a 24-hour period (maximum penalty: 60 penalty units (currently $9,514)). Note, the existing $200 per transaction limit will still apply, as will the prohibition on cash advances from a credit account
  • must ensure that a person is not able to obtain cash from an EFTPOS facility, unless the facility is operated by an employee of the venue operator, including by entering into the device the amount of funds to be withdrawn (maximum penalty: 60 penalty units (currently $9,514)).

The $500 limit will also apply to an ATM where the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation allows an ATM in a gaming venue. Venue operators will be guilty of an offence if they are found to not be compliant with the requirement that staff operate EFTPOS facilities, including entering into the device the amount of cash to be withdrawn.

Venue operators are responsible for ensuring that devices are compliant with the new $500 limit and for ensuring that EFTPOS devices used for cash withdrawals are operated by staff.

Venue operators have been advised to contact their EFTPOS device supplier to ascertain what steps need to be taken in order to make their devices compliant.

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