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News and media releases: sports betting

Sports betting embedded in Australian sporting culture

New research has shown that sports betting brands appear to be highly embedded in Australian sporting community culture and are a normal part of social conversations, particularly surrounding NRL and AFL games.

Fight for you hero Matt meets his sporting idols

Fight for the real you’ campaign participant Matt Torcasio rubbed shoulders with his sporting idols at the Collingwood Football Club Community Cup breakfast this morning.

Sports betting advertising: only one issue facing the community

While the proliferation of sports betting advertising is dominating the media spotlight, other aspects of gambling also need community attention.

The State of Victoria v Sportsbet Pty Ltd

Sportsbet, a bookmaker licensed in the Northern Territory, installed a device known as a betbox at the Eureka Stockade Hotel in East Ballarat, Victoria.

Betfair v Western Australia

Betfair logo

The 2008 High Court decision of Betfair Pty Limited v Western Australia had major implications for how sports betting is conducted in Australia.

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