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Sports betting advertising: only one issue facing the community

While the proliferation of sports betting advertising is dominating the media spotlight, other aspects of gambling also need community attention.

As an organisation committed to reducing gambling-related harm in Victoria, we consider the full spectrum of gambling, its trends and how it affects people, so we can deliver effective services and programs.

We work with researchers, health professionals, the gaming industry, government, community and sporting organisations to anticipate, minimise, and where possible, prevent gambling-related harm.

The Foundation provides a wide range of services to people affected by gambling, and run community education campaigns to ensure people know what services are available and where they can get help.

In Victoria, the pokies continue to be the most popular gambling activity, accounting for almost half of the state’s gambling expenditure. A small percentage of the population experience problems with gambling, and for most of them, the pokies remain their main gambling activity.

However, the gambling environment is changing. Online gambling is the fastest growing form of gambling throughout the world. It is also the most difficult to monitor and remains largely unregulated. Researchers consider online gambling to be potentially more risky as many of the traditional barriers preventing excessive gambling do not exist.

Our vision is a Victoria free from gambling-related harm. To achieve this, we fund a broad range of research projects that investigate all forms of gambling to inform our services and community education programs for the benefit of all Victorians.

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