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Reclaim your life with the 100 Day Challenge

Rediscover your passion for dancing. Buy yourself a treat at the sales. Spend a weekend at the coast with your family. Or something else entirely. What would you do in 2019 with the time and money you could save by taking a break from gambling?

“The New Year is an ideal time to start afresh, but changing your relationship with gambling – whether you want to take a break, cut back or quit entirely – isn’t always easy, which is why we recommend the 100 Day Challenge,” Janet Dore said today.

As the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s interim CEO, Ms Dore champions the program, which offers participants 100 recreational activities as alternatives to gambling, over 100 days.

“In the six months since its launch, more than 4000 people have signed up for the challenge, many of whom support each other through its strong online community.

“Ann, for example, had struggled with gambling-related financial difficulties, stress, guilt, shame and depression for more than 30 years when she joined the 100 Day Challenge,” Ms Dore said.

It started out as a fun activity, but gambling “developed into a serious sickness – an addictive disease which had totally crippled me,” said Ann, who has now turned her life around.

“My strength and focus has been largely due to the 100 Day Challenge community. It has been my go-to place whenever I felt the urge to gamble.

“I am now living a free, happy, content, fulfilling, wholesome and financial life – gambling-free.”

Clinton is another who has experienced success with the 100 Day Challenge. Betting on horses was part of Clinton’s upbringing, but when it started to put a strain on his finances, he decided to take the challenge.

“This was so good for me to see what life on a Saturday is like,” Clinton said. “It truly was living!”

Ms Dore said the program, which is available in app and web-based formats, allows individuals to set goals against which to track their progress, and gives them access to a range of tools, including tips and advice for managing finances, building a support team and accessing professional support, if needed.

“If you don’t fancy going it alone, consider signing up with a friend to do the challenge together or competing with a group of mates to complete all of the activities,” she said.

The Foundation’s 100 Day Challenge advertising campaign will be on air until mid-February. For more information or to access the program, visit

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