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Melkat Pty Ltd v Campaspe Shire Council


  • As the operator of the Caledonian Hotel in Echuca, Melkat Pty Ltd wanted to install electronic gaming machines (EGMs) and was required to apply for a permit.
  • However, the council defined the land where the hotel was located as a strip shopping centre and EGMs were prohibited in these locations.
  • Melkat then applied for a declaration from the tribunal under section 149A of thePlanning and Environment Act 1987 that the land was not a strip shopping centre as defined in the Planning Scheme.


  • The application for a declaration was refused.
  • The tribunal found the land met all the requirements of a strip shopping centre as it was:
  • Zoned for business use; and
  • A large portion of the buildings were shops (approximately 35 shops of 57 buildings as vacant shop fronts could still be considered).

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