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Local apprentices learn about responsible gambling

Young Gippsland apprentices, predominantly young men aged 16-35 will be a focus for the important messages and tips promoted during Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (17–23 October 2016).

Incolink recently signed a two year program partnership with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and will take an active role during the week on behalf of their members in the building and construction industry.

Incolink, an industry redundancy fund, provides a range of wellbeing and support services to apprentices including counselling, preventative education and job support

During October apprentices in building and construction courses in the Central Gippsland TAFE (Yallourn Campus), will learn what it means to gamble responsibly, how to put strategies in place to reduce the risks associated with gambling and developing a support network within their industry.

Incolink Apprentice Support Officer, David Clark, will also share the outcomes of their work with apprentices at the Many Ways to Help conference that is part of Responsible Gambling Awareness Week.

“After we have held a session with groups of apprentices, we have found there is a significant increase in how many put strategies in place to reduce the risks associated with gambling and also understand where they need to go if they do need help,” said Mr Clark.

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation chief executive Serge Sardo said Incolink is a great example of how others can use the week as an opportunity to talk about what it means to gamble responsibly.

“We encourage friends, family members, parents, teachers, sporting coaches and everyone in the community to have a conversation about ways to reduce the potential for harm from gambling.

“The significant increase in online betting and advertising has made it especially important to talk to young people about responsible gambling.

“Gambling is very visible now in our community and if people are planning to gamble, we want them to be informed about the practical ways to gamble without harm.

“Being informed allows individuals, the community and industry to make appropriate decisions about their gambling behaviour and for those who might be experiencing issues to know there is help available,” he said.

Handy tips that can be shared online are available on the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation website and include:

  • knowing how to set time and money limits when betting
  • taking breaks when betting
  • balancing your betting with other social and entertainment activities.

Managed by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, the week is a unique partnership between the Foundation and local government, the gaming industry and community groups.

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