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Greyhounds Entertainment


  • Greyhound Promotions Pty Ltd applied for an amendment to its venue operator's license to increase the number of electronic gaming machines (EGMs) operating at Greyhounds Entertainment from 93 to 102.
  • The Greater Dandenong City Council did not make a submission in respect of the application.


  • The commission refused the application, finding that:
  • the commission could not be satisfied there would be no net social and economic detriment to the immediately surrounding area or the wider community of Greater Dandenong.
  • In making its decision, the commission placed greater weight on the likely social costs of this application as Greater Dandenong is characterised by below average household income and above average unemployment and gaming statistics including:
  • a density of 8.42 EGMs per 1,000 adults (52 per cent greater than the metroploitan average and 45 per cent greater than the state average) and
  • an annual expenditure per adult of $987 (70 per cent greater than the metroploitan average and 79 per cent greater than the state average).
  • The commission noted these, 'factors are warning signs and suggestive of a municipality where problem gambling may be prevalent and the impacts of problem gambling greatly felt, which leads to other disbenefits such as lost productivity, increased health and social service requirements and other social costs.'

More information

See our infographic on the City of Greater Dandenong and compare its pokies statistics with other councils across Victoria.

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