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Australian Government announces gambling advertising ban during live sport

The Australian Government recently announced that it will introduce changes to ban gambling advertisements during live sports programs before 8.30 pm. These changes will apply on commercial television, commercial radio, subscription television, SBS and online platforms.

Gambling advertisements will not be able to be shown from five minutes before a live sports event commences, during the event and for five minutes after the event has concluded. The restrictions will apply between 5 am and 8.30 pm.

After 8.30 pm, the existing rules will apply, which allow advertisements in scheduled breaks of play (for example, half-time) or in unscheduled breaks (for example, where play is delayed due to weather). Consistent with current rules, gambling advertisements will not be permitted after 8.30 pm during play, including injury delays or after a goal is scored. The current prohibition on promotion of live odds will remain.

Advertisements for racing and lotteries will continue to be exempt from these restrictions.

Mitch Fifield, the Minister for Communications and the Arts, announced these changes as part of the Australian Government's Broadcast and Content Reform package, which also includes a number of media ownership reforms.

Senator Fifield has announced the Australian Government will consult with industry stakeholders in the coming weeks to discuss the changes and how they can best be implemented. The changes are expected to commence in March 2018.

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