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Commission approves application for additional 12 pokies at Kyabram Club

On 10 August 2021, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation heard an application by Kyabram Club Inc to increase the number of pokies at the Kyabram Club (Shire of Campaspe) from 53 to 65.

The Shire of Campaspe did not oppose the application and did not make a submission.

On 24 August 2021, the commission approved the application with conditions.

The commission found the social and economic impact to the wellbeing of the Shire of Campaspe community, if the application was approved, will not be detrimental. Hence the 'no net detriment' test was met.

The commission's approval is subject to the following conditions:

  • building renovation works at the club must be completed within 24 months after the commencement of any additional pokies operating at the venue
  • if the building renovation works are not substantially completed on time, the commission may extend the time for completion. If the commission agrees to extend the time for completion the commission may require that any of the additional pokies cease operation during the period of the extension
  • the club must make additional annual cash contributions of $15,000 (indexed to CPI) to not-for-profit community groups and sporting organisations providing services and facilities to residents in the Shire of Campaspe
  • the club must continue to pay existing cash contributions of $100,000 per year to not-for-profit community and sporting groups in the Shire of Campaspe.


Read the gaming decision on the VCGLR website.

Read more about pokies in the Shire of Campaspe on the Foundation website.

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