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Freedom of information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act), members of the public have the right to access documents in the possession of agencies such as the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.

Making information easily accessible reduces the need for people to submit requests under the FOI Act. The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation releases a large amount of information through online and print publishing.

Our publications

We publish a range of resources on this website.

Our publications include research reports, discussion papers, submissions, corporate reports, brochures for consumers of our Gambler’s Help services, and guidelines for professionals who deliver Gambler’s Help and other health services. These publications can be searched and filtered on this website by topic, publication type and year of publication.

We also produce a number of eNewsletters and an eMagazine Inside gambling.

This website details the areas of our work in which publications are created. You can navigate through the website or use the search function to find publications on a specific topic.

Our organisation and its functions

Information about our functions, operations, governance and guiding legislation is also available on this website.

For information about:

Members of the public can write directly to the Foundation seeking information on any aspect of our operations. For our contact details, see Contact us.

FOI requests

We create a large number of documents and records in the course of our work. The Foundation uses an electronic document and records management system to classify, store, access and manage a broad range of electronic and hard-copy documents.

The types of documents we handle include:

  • policies, procedures
  • reports
  • correspondence
  • meeting records
  • financial records.

Foundation documents not publicly available can be requested through FOI. Our annual report lists some of the information that can be made available through an FOI request.

How to make an FOI request

An FOI request:

  • must be in writing
  • should identify as clearly as possible which document is being requested
  • should be accompanied by the appropriate application fee – for the current application fee, see Making a request for access (the fee may be waived in certain circumstances).

Requests for documents should be addressed to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
PO Box 2156
Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria 3050

Or email the Foundation via:

Access charges (for example, photocopying and search and retrieval charges) may also apply once documents have been processed and a decision on access has been made.

For further information, see Making a request for access.

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